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Questions? I don't know what room I want and need to check availability.
I want to reserve a specific room.
All Piper Requests are Required to submit Audio Visual Requests when making a reservation. See how this is done.



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If you are not notified with Peoplecube user account details it does not mean that you cannot reserve rooms. Please send an email request using the following format. (These should be received a minimum72 hours in advance of the meeting time.)



Subject: Reservation Request for (Date)

Message: Date, Start Time, End Time, Room number, setup details (chairs, podium, tables, custodial etc.)



If your event is happening in less than 72 hours from the request, either come to L30 in person or call at 617-495-2514.



Audio Visual Equipment Requests (All classrooms are equipped with LCD Projectors. Lounges have Plasma Screens)


All non-digital audio visual equipment (laser pointers, overhead projectors, slide projectors, single unit TV/VCR/DVD players, podium microphone single unit, Pinup Boards, Rolling White Boards, Chalk Boards) can be requested through Building Services

For Peoplecube include it in the Room Setup Details field within the Request Form.

For non-Peoplecube users you can make your request in the following ways: Office L30 in Gund Hall 5-2514 Email


All digital audio visual equipment (LCD projectors, microphones, Self Service cart with LCD projector DVD Player and external Speakers) are requested through Computer Resources.

Peoplecube users request for Piper using the AV Request tab within the Reservation Details Screen of your Reservations.

Non-Peoplecube users check back for details.