Graduate School of Design
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Gund Hall
Cambridge, MA 02138

Guidelines for Instructors

Identification (ID) Cards

Within one month following the start of a faculty appointment at Harvard, the faculty member will receive an ID card that identifies him or her as an officer of instruction.  The cards are issued for library privileges, for application for membership at the Harvard Coop, for access to the Harvard Real Estate Office and the Faculty Club and for other services that require proof of Harvard employment.  They provide access to the GSD when the doors are locked. If a card is not received or is lost or stolen, please contact the ID Card Office located on the 3rd floor (room 340) of Holyoke Center (495-3322). If your card doesn't work when the outer doors are locked, contact the Building Services department (496-1243 or 496-8205).

New Visitors

Upon receipt of all hiring paperwork (biographical data, c.v., tax paperwork, etc.), new faculty profiles are entered into Harvard?s database.  Upon arrival at the GSD, new faculty should confirm with the academic department or the Faculty Planning Office (2nd floor, 7 Sumner Road) that a profile exists for them.  Photos are taken in the ID Card Office located on the 3rd floor (room 340) of Holyoke Center, where the cards are issued on site at that time.  (Generally, there is only a 5 minute turnaround time, if it isn?t a busy time.)

Returning Visitors

Upon activation of your faculty profile, the Harvard ID Office will automatically generate a new ID valid for the term of your current appointment, with your photo already on file.  IDs are sent directly to faculty mailboxes in the academic departments.